You hear “private jet” and see big dollar signs.
We think differently.

BlackJet is a whole new way to fly and lives at the intersection of private aviation and the commercial airlines. BlackJet members enjoy the convenience, reliability and private jet experience at prices you would expect from American, Delta or United first class.

Our technology has enabled the delivery of thousands of private jet seats, booked in seconds through our mobile and web applications, delivered through a value network of professional charter operators whose aircraft are now being utilized more efficiently because of BlackJet.

Network effects are already taking over, and BlackJet is growing stronger. More clients means larger jets, increased frequency of flights and lower seat prices. Good for you and good for us. Tap into your contacts and usher them into the future of flying. We’ll make it worth your while. Soon millions of travelers will discover what you already know; first class isn’t a cabin, it’s a lifestyle.

Welcome aboard.

John Doe
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